Hi! —
I’m Alexander Legath,
a creative technologist
who solves problems
through design.

For long reads and
deep thoughts
consider my articles on
creative direction
and design research.

Affiliations & educational network

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-NurembergZurich University of the ArtsDuale Hochschule Baden-WürttembergViscom – Swiss Print & Communication Association

Skills I deem important today

  • Speculative Thinking

    Critical and Speculative Design refuses to accept todays products, services and design practice as given. Judging from a prospection of all possible futures, Speculative Design challenges the status quo by encouraging change and the shift from a probable to a preferable future.

  • Cultural Literacy

    Considerable knowledge of art and culture lays the foundation for transdisciplinary research on sociological, anthropological and philosophical implications of our increasingly digital world. How design is perceived depends on a common cultural ground.

  • Creative Coding

    Creative Coding is the utilization of programming and processing in the context of visual arts and design. These skills are transferrable to any programming language and connect design with the field of data science. Preparing, analyzing and visualizing data as well as cultivating programmatic methods become equally important for designers today.

  • Agile Leadership

    In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous market organizations need to respond quickly and manoeuvre unforeseen challenges. Creating an environment that enables team members of different disciplines to collaborate, learn from each other and make decisions is the key to resilience.

Recently added to my journal …

A low polygon boiling flask from a chemistry lab with a purple solution

Future Lab

A photograph of hot-air balloons rising up in the arid plains of Turkey (by Daniil Vnoutchkov), the text across the image reads “start-up baselland”

Start-up Baselland

An Illustration of Pac Man in a labyrinth, confronted by ghosts

Design × Publishing

A photograph of the Bleiweiss Design Lab’s modern interior, with a TV screen, a sideboard and plants in the background, a desk in the foreground

Bleiweiss Design Lab

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